• Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Minutes from the October 18th, 2008 meeting of the Summit POA

Joel Turner, President called the meeting to order at 12:15PM and aasked everyone in attendance to introduce themselves.

Joel explained that he took over the President’s role from Jim McCormick six months ago after a vote by the officers.

Joel attended the POA meeting of YellowTop and spoke with the Golden Valley President to share interests and information. Topics of discussion included:

  • Security
  • Sheriff, EMS, Fire Department needs gate code
  • Emergency Code should be the same for all communities

Joel addressed the lightning strike on the gate and the power outage.

  • The strike destroyed the gate codes, but the gate has been repaired (Insurance will not cover the damage because the repair cost was less than our deductible)
  • Joel will get a demonstration from Evan (the gate keeper) on how to manually open the gate if we have a power outage


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discussion ensured about the gate/security:

  • Do we want to set up individual codes for each PO?
  • Do we want to change the current code?
  • Should we have a special code for contractors?
  • The gate is currently open 6A-6P
  • We need to be watchful of each other’s properties

o If guests are using your property – please let another Summit owner know

  • Do we need a Neighborhood Watch program?
  • Should we close gate but have it set to auto-open M-F and closed on weekend where the code is required?
  • Do we need a bigger sign that says Private Property?

A motion was submitted, second and passed by the group to do the following:

  • The gate will be closed weekdays (M-F) but will open on approach
  • The gate will be closed weekends (6P Fri to 6A Mon) and can only be opened with the code
  • We need to get a maintenance contract for the gate at the cost of $800 year
  • Recommendation was made to change gate code every other year
  • Remotes work regardless of the codes used
  • Joel will talk to Evan and get the gate’s operation changed

Joel asked for an option about giving a charitable donation to the Volunteer Fire Department in Cherry Hill.

A motion was submitted to donate $500 a year, second and passed by the group.

Joel further explained that the Cherry Hill VFD will do some training at The Summit. A copy of the plat map will be given to Roger Hollifield, Chief so that EMS, Sheriff and the VFD will get to know our roads better. Roger will make copies for the sheriff and EMS.

A question was asked – why doesn’t the VFD, EMS, Sheriff know the house numbers and roads which were assigned by 911? The roads in The Summit are private roads, not state roads so they are not on a map.

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We need to give a plat map to EMS, Sheriff and VFD.

Suggestion was made to get a sign made with a map of development. Everyone thought it was a good idea – but it will be considered at a future date.

Question was asked – do we need exit signs? No Exit or Exit. Decision was made that we didn’t need these signs and that they were too expensive.

Driving in The Summit was brought up by Joel. Be careful, watch for the other driver, we don’t have speed- bumps or speed limit signs – it’s just common sense to slow down while driving in The Summit.

Joel noted that the website is up and running and looks good. He welcomes any info, photos, news or personal stories anyone would like to send to be posted on the site.

Joel would like to start a Beautification Committee. In April, we changed landscaping companies and reduced our cost from $1,600 month to $900.

  • Committee would make decisions on how to improve the entrance, add decorative rocks, improve entrances to each section of the community by adding mulch and plants at the corners, add flowers for color etc.
  • Todd Black said we need to remove the trees growing out of the banks and watch erosion at the
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  • Todd is going to hire Asplundh to remove and chip the trees growing out of the banks and clean up the dead trees. This project will take about a week and cost $2,500. Todd offered to split the cost 50/50 with The Summit.
  • 4 volunteers for the beautification committee are:
    • Lynn Swaluk
    • Dennis Clements
    • Charlotte Campbell
    • Marna Connor
  • Todd Black offered to help with this committee decisions as well

A motion was submitted to spend the money to clean up The Summit, second and passed by the group.

Concern was voiced over the Kaplan property and the fact that it needs to be cleaned up so it doesn’t look abandoned. A letter of complaint is going to be drafted and sent to Mr. Kaplan.

A discussion ensued about the need to add revisions and new resolutions to the POA documents regarding the up keep of The Summit homes and properties.

  • Once you have a CO – minimum standards need to be outlined – for examples
    • Exterior standards/Log Cabin Stain
    • Lot neatness

Suggestions and comments about what should be included in this statement can be submitted on the website and the POA can come to an agreement by next year’s meeting

Joel gave a report from the CPA. We need to get the correct address for everyone for correspondence and record keeping (payment of dues.) Michael Gray has been good to work with and keeps good records, but the POA members

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are responsible for keeping Joel or the CPA up-to-date on their personal information.

Joel noted that there is about $7,500 in outstanding dues for 2008. Phone calls are going to be made to confirm that the list of outstanding dues owed is correct. Then, past due letters are going to be sent out to those PO that haven’t paid 2008 dues by the COA and Lien letters are going to be sent out to those PO that haven’t paid 2007 and 2008 dues by our lawyer.

Budget Review by Don Small, Treasurer

See Separate Report

A discussion over where we should keep our reserves ensued.

A motion was submitted, second and passed by the group to take ½ of the reserves ($10,000) and invest it in layered (by expiration date) interest bearing accounts – like CDs.

Don Small, Treasure is going to take care of this. Joel had already received some rate quotes from several local banks.

A question was asked about

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taxes. The CPA files our taxes. The POA is exempt, but we still have to file.

A suggestion was made to put the bi-laws and covenants on the POA website. Everyone thought this was a good idea. Joel will upload the information.

Cheryl Nelson, Secretary read the minutes from the October 20, 2007 meeting.

A motion was submitted to accept the minutes, second, passed by the group.

Question was asked about a back exit/gate. This is no back exit/gate because Todd Black couldn’t get the road grade approved. The back area has been closed off so that 4-wheelers can’t get in.

Joel asked for nominations to the Board of Directors. Todd Black and Steve Nelson are stepping down.

Three people were nominated:

  • Casey Balken
  • Mike Swaluk
  • Dennis Clements

A motion was submitted to accept all three nominations, second and passed by the group and a proxy count. In attendance were 15 lot owners and there were 33 proxies.

The Board of Directors will meet separately to elect officers.

Old business:

A discussion about the damage to the roads by contractors and the concern over repair led the group to decide that a letter needed to be drafted. Jim McCormack is going to draft a letter to go out in our next dues reminder letter which will outline for the homeowners that they are responsible for their contractors. In addition, a pre-construction letter will be drafted and sent to PO before construction begins.

There was no other business to be discussed. A motion was submitted to adjourn, second and passed by the group.

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