Important notice:

New gate code effective November 1, 2021 is available in the Gate Code page.

Please arrange your time to attend the POA annual meeting on Saturday, October16, 2021 at 11:00 am at the Cedar Grove Church, Bostic.

Welcome to the Summit, a beautiful community located in the western North Carolina at the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains.
The Summit Property Owners Association
always needs volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors and on the Beautification/Landscaping Committee. Everyone is welcome to volunteer. Pitch in and protect your investment.Every POA member is eligible for these positions. You don’t have to be a permanent resident. You don’t even have to have built a house. You do need to contribute by e-mail, phone, and occasionally in person. Nominations and suggestions for these positions may be given to any director. See the list on the Contact Us page of this site.


NOTICE TO REALTORS & PROSPECTIVE BUYERS: The Summit is a planned community governed by Restrictive Covenants under Chapter 47F of the North Carolina General Statutes.  All prospective buyers must be provided with a copy of “The Restrictive Covenants of The Summit Property Owners Association”.  You may obtain a copy by sending a request to